Yakushi Sunday

Having time to gather thoughts and feedback from the first ever Yakushi event in 2019 we’ve managed to confirm a 1 day Japanese show at the historic grounds of the British Motor Museum. 

Yakushi Sunday takes place on Sunday 26th July 2020 and is very much a cars and coffee style meet with the added bonus that your ticket includes entry into the museum itself and all for a bargain price of £10 if booked in advance. 

Tickets can be purchased from the following link and must brought before the event in order to gain access to the show with your car or club.  For those arriving on the day without a ticket you will need to make your way to the 2nd entrance to purchase a ticket and then return to the Yakushi Sunday entrance if you wish to display your car. 

Please note there is also another event on at the museum but signs will be clearly displaced when you turn off the dual carriageway. 

If you require more information please email us at info@yakushi-show.co.uk or drop us a pm via the Facebook page.